Lyric Theatre Concessions Menu

Menu is subject to change at any time due to product availability. All prices include sales tax.

All drinks contain 1.5 ounces of liquor unless special ordered.

Basil Hayden: $12/$22
Cooper’s Craft: $9/$16
Crown Royal: $9/$16
Crown Royal Apple: $9/$16
Crown Royal Peach: $9/$16
Gentleman Jack: $10/$18
Jack Daniel’s Rye: $9/$16
Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7: $9/$16
Jack Daniel’s Fire: $9/$16
Jameson Irish: $9/$16
Jim Beam: $8/$14
Jim Beam Black: $9/$16
Knob Creek: $10/$18
Knob Creek Rye: $10/$18
Maker’s Mark: $9/$16
Nikka Taketsuru: 1 oz. $15/2 oz. $25
Old Forester: $9/$16
Southern Comfort: $9/$16
Woodford Reserve: $12/$11

Absolut: $9/$16
Grey Goose: $9/$16
Ketel One: $9/$16
Redmont: $9/$16
Smirnoff 100: $9/$16
Smirnoff: $8/$14
Smirnoff Peach: $9/$16
Smirnoff Watermelon: $9/$16
Stolichnaya: $9/$16
Tito’s Handmade Vodka: $9/$16

Beefeater: $9/$16
Bombay Sapphire: $10/$18
Hendrick’s: $10/$18
Plymoth: $10/$18
Redmont: $9/$16
Tanqueray: $9/$16

Bacardi: $9/$16
Captain Morgan: $9/$16
Malibu Coconut: $9/$16
Ron Carlos 151: $9/$16

Don Julio Anejo: $16/$30
Espolon Blanco: $9/$16
Hornitos Plata: $9/$16
Jose Cuervo, Silver or Gold: $9/$16
Patron Silver: $15/$28

Cutty Sark: $8/$14
Dewar’s White Label: $9/$16
The Glenlivet: $14/$26
Johnny Walker Red: $9/$16

Ameretto: $8/$14
American Born 103 Proof Original Moonshine: $10/$18
Aperol: $10
Bailey’s Irish Creme: $9/16
Campari: $10/$18
Courvoisier: $10/$18
Disaronno: $10/$18
Hennessy VS: $12/$22
Kahlua Coffee Liquor: $9/$16

Specialty Cocktails
Buffalo Rock & Rye: $11
Our Original Signature Cocktail
Knob Creek Rye, Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale, rock candy garnish

Magic City Mule: $11/$20
Hornitos Plata, lime juice, Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale, candied ginger and lime wedge

Birmingham Mule: $10/$18
Featuring Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale, lime wedge

Birmingham Mule: $10/$18
Featuring Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale, lime wedge

Crown Peach Mules: $10/$18
Peach infused Crown Royal, Lime Juice, Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale, Lime Wedge

Edith’s Peach Tea: $10/$18
Crown Royal Peach, Sweet Tea, Lemon Wedge

Traditional Lime
Select the Tequila of your choice, let us know if you’d like a single or a double and we’ll do the rest!

Bacardi Party Drinks
Featuring Bacardi Rum

Lyric Rum Island: $12
Bacardi Rum Island

The Velvet Curtain: $12
Blue Hurricane

3rd Avenue Mama: $12
Bahama Mama style

Ron Carlos 151 Floater: $3
Add a floater of Ron Carlos 151 Rum

Local Craft Draft: $7/$11

Cahaba American Blonde Ale
Cahaba Lager
Ghost Train Gulf Coast IPA
Ghost Train Kaleidoscope Sour

Can, Local Craft: $6
Cahaba American Blonde
Cahaba Oka Uba IPA
Ghost Train Kaleidoscope Sour

Can, Domestic: $5
Bud Light
Michelob Ultra
PBR Tallboy

Cabernet Sauvignon
Canyon Road: $8/$14
Ghost Pines: $13/$24
Louis Martini (2014): $10/$18
Santa Rita (Chile): $11/$20

Chateau Bellevue Peycharneau (2015): $14/$26

Pinot Noir
Canyon Road: $8/$14
MacMurray: $10/$18

Canyon Road: $8/$14

Red Rhone
Pierre Amadiu Cotes du Rhone (Roulepierre 2013): $13/$24

Frontera: $8/$14

Canyon Road: $8/$14
Frei Brothers Res.: $12/$22
Les Charmes Cave (France): $14/$26
Storypoint: $10/$18

Pinot Grigio
Canyon Road: $8/$14
Luna Nuda (Italy): $9/$16
Bev Zero Sugar Canned Wine- Gris: $6

Sauvignon Blanc
Canyon Road: $8/$14
Chateau Ste Michelle: $9/$16

Chateau Ste Michelle: $8/$14

Canyon Road: $8/$14
Frontera Moonlight: $8/$14

Cote Mas: $10/$18
Bev Zero Sugar Canned California Rose’: $6

White Zinfandel
Canyon Road: $8/$14

Sweet Red
Stella Rosa: $9/$16

Capriccio Bubbly: $9/$16

La Marca Prosecco: $9/$16
Champagne – Cali Brut: $8/$14
Champagne – Sweet Rose’: $8/$14
Gerard Bertrand Cremant de Limoux Brut: $11/$20
Bev Zero Sugar Canned Sparkling White Wine: $6

Soft Drinks
Pepsi Products: $3

Diet Pepsi
Sierra Mist
Club Soda

Hot Tea: $3
Earl Grey
Constant Comment
English Tea Time
Lemon Lift
Green Tea
Green Tea with Pomegranate

Coffee: $3
Royal Cup (add your own cream and sugar)

Bottled Water: $3

Red Bull: $4

Candy and Salty: $2
Cheez-It Cheddar Jack
Hershey Bar
M&M Peanut
M&M Plain
Milk Duds
Snyders Mini Pretzels

Candy and Salty: $1
Junior Mints
Peanut Butter Crackers
Cheese Crackers

Prairie City Bakeries Cookies/Cakes/Brownies: $2
Chocolate Chunk Cookie
M&M&M Cookie
Macadamia Nut Chunk Cookie
Big N’ Fudgy Brownie
Ooey Gooey Orignal Butter Cake
Ooey Gooey Lemon Cake